LED Back Lit Flat Panel
3500K 4000K 5000K
5 year limited warranty

Backlit Panel

WATTAGE: 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W
COLOR TEMPERATURE: 3500, 4000, 5000K
WARRANTY: 5 Year Limited Warranty


Savegreen’s BFPMCT Series back lit flat panels provide the same size and look of edge-lit LED panels but also offer both improved efficiency, a longer life diffuser and elimination of quality issues that are common with edge-lit construction. Savegreen’s BFPMCT Series provides high uniformity, excellent efficiency and reduced glare for T-grid ceilings.

Available in three sizes 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 all have field selectable wattage and color tuning options. 1×4 and 2×2 select from 20 Watt, 30 Watt, or 40 Watt; 2×4 is offered with 30 Watt, 40 Watt and 50 Watt. 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color options for all sizes. White polyester powder-coated durable aluminum housing.

Product Features

  • Same size and appearance of legacy edge-lit LED panels but with LED back lighting instead — greater efficiency, longer life diffuser, elimination of edge-lit construction issues
  • Suitable for general illumination in residential, institutional and commercial interiors
  • Evenly illuminate the entire surface of panel with soft, uniform light
  • Provides 120 degree beam angle
  • Sturdy frame prevents warping
  • 2×2 and 1×4 offered in 20W, 30W and 40W
  • 2×4 offered in 30W, 40W, and 50W
  • Multiple Kelvin temperature options (3500K, 4000K, 5000K)
  • Suitable for dry or damp locations
  • >50,000 hrs of L70 LED life
  • External emergency battery backup
  • 0-10 Volt dimmable 120-277V
  • Power factor >0-90 See for more features.

Savegreen Inside

Look for this logo to denote that your fixture has an industry leading LED light source backed by a fifty year old company with hallmarks on reliability, consistency and performance. If you see this mark, rest assured your lights will operate to specifications every time or we will be there to make it right.