Savegreen is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between executives at top manufacturers of lighting fixtures and LED Linear Lamps, retrofit specialists and trusted lighting distributors.

Many companies are focused on LED arrays and drivers, which become throwaways when their life is up. Savegreen combines fixtures with LED Linear Lamps to provide unlimited life – letting you easily change the performance, look and energy savings just by changing the lamp.

LED T8 lamps from Savegreen are field tested for demanding applications. They provide at least 40% more in energy savings over comparable fluorescent fixtures, and typically last 5 to 7 times longer.

Practical, affordable, low maintenance: just how LED was meant to be.


The Ideal Fixtures for LED
Linear Lamps

A group of lighting fixtures executives were concerned about the long term maintenance of fixtures with LED arrays and drivers. They liked the performance, energy savings, and life but wanted them to last forever. They were concerned that end users were going to be upset when they had to throw away LED fixtures rather than replace a lamp. They started to make fixtures for LED Linear Lamps and saw the benefits first hand. National retailers loved the fixtures with LED Linear Lamps. They met the LED benefits plus they overcame the only drawback.

They started developing a complete assortment of LED Linear Lamps and polled the market to see what mattered, the assortment, the wattage and lumens preferred, and the best wiring system out there.

They found the best manufacturer in the world. They worked with the best marketing team. The result is the Savegreen Brand.

Now, fixtures with Savegreen Inside will provide practical, affordable, and low maintenance power. Just how LED was meant to be.

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Wet Location Enclosure with Savegreen
Linear Recessed with Savegreen

Savegreen’s Fixture Partners

Ask these manufacturers for Savegreen Inside to ensure all the benefits of LED.

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