Ballast Compatible Type A

The most cost effective lamp with excellent performance, energy savings and life.

Ballast Compatible Type A
High Output

The 3500 lumens provide the output for high ceiling and high light output applications.


The perfect solution for high ceiling and high output applications with a smaller diameter, shorter lamp.

Ballast Compatible Type A

Fast becoming the mainstay of the line with matching versions in 24, 36 and 48 Inches

Ballast Compatible Type A
Double Ended

Easy retrofit when bypassing the ballast with preferred wiring in some parts of the country.

Ballast Compatible Type A
Ballast Compatible Type A

Simply replace your existing fluorescent lamps with these ballast compatible LED lams for 50% energy savings with brighter, more vivid light.


These lamps not only provide higher efficiency (lumens per watt) but an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Dual (Magic)

These lamps work with or without ballasts so works in all applications.

Ballast Compatible Type A
Dimmable T8

This Bypass Type B T8 LED is dimmable with standard control. Add adjustable LED output to your fluorescent fixtures easily.