Dimmable Single Ended Bypass

5 Year Limited Warranty

T8 Lamp Frosted Glass

48 Inch 18W

3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K


Savegreen’s Dimmable Single Ended Bypass T8 Lamp is one of the most exciting new LED technologies in an ever changing industry. This lamp provides all the benefits that are making LED so popular without any of the drawbacks. The T8 lamp fits into most fixtures that were once fluorescent but don’t require a ballast which is often the first thing that breaks down. The lamps are wired with Single Ended Power which enables ease of installation, lower cost luminaires and enhanced safety. Rigid glass construction ensures the lamp will never sag and a specially designed plastic coating makes it durable and safe in many applications. The lamp requires non-shunted G13 medium bi-pin sockets. This Dimmable Lamp (at 120V) provides good lumens per watt with good color and long life for dependable performance, excellent energy savings and trouble-free maintenance.

  • Lamp Type
    • T8 Bipin Sockets
  • Bulb Type
    • T8 LED
  • Base Type
    • G13 (Medium Bi-Pin)
  • Wattage
    • 18W
  • Color Temperature
    • 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
    • > 83
  • Warranty
    • 5 Years

Look for this logo to denote that your fixture or retrofit kit has an industry-leading LED T8 Lamp backed by a fifty-year-old company with hallmarks on reliability, consistency, and performance. If you see this mark, rest assured your lights will operate to specifications every time or we will be there to make it right.

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  • Integrated Internal LED Driver eliminates the need for any ballast or Driver in the fixture 
  • 120V (dimmable) or 277V Universal Voltage (not dimming) operation, 50/60 HZ 
  • Rated Life is 50,000 Hours 
  • Beam Spread is 240 degrees to put the light exactly where you need it 
  • High Power Factor >.90 
  • Color Rendering Index >83 
  • THD <20% 
  • Working Temperature -4°C to 13°C 
  • UL and NSF Certified 
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Instant On, Dimmable (at 120V) with no mercury and virtually no UV 
  • Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, Enclosed or Open Fixture 
  • Samsung LEDs 

Retrofit into existing fluorescent by bypassing the ballast and adding Unshunted sockets (See Accessory Retrofit Kits under Options) or use with new fixtures made specially for Single Ended Bypass Lamps.

 5 Year Limited Warranty (no labor).

 Bulk pack of 25